>how to register free hosting service on http://000webhost.com

>1、Click banner below to 000webhost
Free Website Hosting

2、Then you will see this page, click “order now” to start


3:Then fill these messages and click “Create My Acount”, The emaill address must be a true address.

4: Then,You you will see this page. It shows “Verification in progress”. You can not do anything now except submiting a ticket to remind 000webhost to activate you account.

5. You need to contact 000webhost customer service to let them activate your accounts. Click the menu of “Get Help” to submit a new ticket. And them will activate your account in 24 hours. This step is important. If your status keep in “Verifacation in progress”,please do this step again.

5.If the status is “pending setup”, it means that they will setup your account in 24 hours. you need wait for a while. If the status turn to “Setup in Progess”, then you should click the “Activate Account”.

6. Click the “Confirm my email “to receive a confirmation e-mail. You have to check you email and click the link in the mail.

7.Done!! When you click the link in the email, you get 000webhost free hosting. Enjoy it.

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